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Tech Policy Design Centre

Reimagining how governance shapes technology

The Tech Policy Design Centre is reimagining how governance shapes technology. We aim to develop a new generation of fit-for-purpose tech policy frameworks. We draw on world-leading inter-disciplinary expertise across ANU and collaborate with industry, government and civil society.

"Digital technologies are interwoven in the fabric of today's societies and economies and underpin our security. Globally, there is an urgent and increasing demand for new approaches to technology policy. In response, I am delighted to announce a new ANU initiative to establish a Tech Policy Design Centre"- the Hon. Julie Bishop, ANU Chancellor and Australia's 38th Foreign Minister, Patron of the Tech Policy Design Centre. 

The challenge

Existing policy structures are struggling to keep pace with technological innovation. We need to disrupt the way tech policy is designed and implemented. We need to mature the tech-governance eco-system.

The mission

Develop fit-for-purpose tech policy frameworks to shape technology for the long-term benefit of humanity.

The method

Foster mature public debate and conduct world-leading research in collaboration with industry, government, civil society, and academia.

The outcome

Fit-for-purpose tech policy frameworks that reward innovation, drive economic growth, strengthen democracy, enhance national security and shape an environment (online and offline) in which individuals and communities can thrive.

What makes us different?

  • Our objective is to mature the tech policy eco-system
  • We recognise policy and governance as tools to shape technology
  • We champion good regulation as a competitive advantage
  • We identify challenges and co-design solutions
  • We collaborate with industry, government, civil society and academia
  • We specialise in the Asia-Pacific and have extensive global networks
  • Our diversity is our strength.