Strategic planning

天美传媒 National University is endowed by the nation to bring credit to Australia through the quality of its research, education and contribution to societal transformation. Our strategic planning reflects our priorities and responsibilities to the nation, the region and the world.

ANU corporate plan cover image

ANU Corporate Plan 2024-2027

Our new corporate plan has launched.


ANU 2025 Strategic Plan

ANU by 2025: our new strategic plan has launched.

Strategic plan initiatives

Gender equity & inclusion

ANU is committed to equity and diversity, and is actively building a more inclusive culture where all staff are supported to reach their full potential in their academic or professional careers.鈥

Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Responding to common concerns about an aboriginal and torres strait islander voice  First Nations portfolio Background On 27 May 2017, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 'from all鈥

Mental health strategy

ContextSince the ANU unveiled its Mental Health Strategy in 2016 recognition of the deleterious impacts of discrimination and its systemic underpinnings-be it based on gender, race, sexuality, or鈥

Reconciliation Action Plan

 We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Elders past and present of all the lands on which 天美传媒 National University operates.Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2024-2026The draft鈥

Sexual violence prevention and response

Content warning: This webpage contains information about sexual assault and sexual harassment which may be distressing for some people. For support, contact Health, Safety and Wellbeing.About this鈥

Sustainable Farms

Our mission: To support the improvement of natural asset management on farms in the temperate woodlands, to enhance biodiversity, increase farm profitability and improve farmer wellbeing. Sustainable鈥