Hunter's university dream is coming true

10 May 2021

I am a proud Noongar man, born and raised in an outer suburb of Perth, WA. I wasn't sure if university was for me until, in Year 12, I read a brochure about studying criminology. I was instantly hooked.  

By this time, it was too late to graduate with an ATAR score, so I had to complete a bridging course. I started my degree at a university in Perth, but after a tour of ANU I decided that I wanted to transfer. ANU is one of the best universities in the country, and I desired the best learning experience possible. 

I vividly remember receiving the offer to come to ANU on a Kambri Scholarship. It was an evening in September and I was walking home from the train station. At first, I was in shock because, when I applied, I wasn't expecting to be successful.  

Moving across the country to Canberra was a daunting prospect, but it quickly became very exciting.  I'm now in my third year of studying a Bachelor of Criminology and ANU has given me a chance to understand and learn about a discipline I've held a long passion for. 

I have overcome many challenges to be where I am today, but the greatest obstacle was my own self-doubt. I didn't think I was capable of going to university, let alone ANU. I've learned that it is crucial to value yourself and to always remember that, with diligence and tenacity, you are capable of anything. 

My whole family was supportive of my university dream, but it was my older sister who encouraged me the most. She's one of the few people in my extended family with a degree, and watching her journey inspired me. She showed me that I could do it too. 

Studying at ANU has broadened my horizons. I love the community here - people come from a range of backgrounds and all have a different story to tell. I appreciate the friends I've made and the wonderful experiences I've had.  

Receiving a Kambri Scholarship made this all possible, I would not be at ANU without it. I come from a modest background, and this scholarship gives me assistance I wouldn't receive otherwise. It has proven invaluable to my life. 

When I graduate, I want to undertake postgraduate studies in criminological research, with a focus on crime prevention and policing. I want to understand how crime develops within society, and what can be done to address problems that cause crimes. It is in this area that I can make the most meaningful contribution to my community.  

It's important to have more First Nations researchers working in criminology, so we can better address the issues within the justice system that disproportionately affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Studying at ANU has changed my life, and I want other First Nations students to have the same opportunity. By supporting the , you can help students like me to achieve their dreams and contribute to a better and fairer society. 

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