Study skills

Brush up on your study skills or learn some new ideas to help you with your academic work. There are a range of resources, tips and ideas to help you make the transition into university study. There is something here for everyone no matter your College or your level of study.

Becoming a scholar

When you come to ANU, whether you're arriving from another country, an鈥

Time management

For all students, some kind of time management strategy is essential if you are鈥


Persuasive writing needs to be well-reasoned and backed by evidence. This is鈥

Reading strategies

At university, you are expected to do a lot of reading. This reading will鈥


Developing a systematic approach to note-taking is an important skill.鈥

Participating in classes

During your studies, you may experience a variety of class types. 鈥
Students talking

English language

If English is your second or additional language, you can build on your鈥

Group work

Group work can involve many rewards as well as challenges. Group work is鈥


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