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Assessments and exams are a typical part of university life and are used to measure your study progress and overall academic performance. Here you'll find information about the assessment and exam policies and procedures in place at ANU.

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Students are encouraged to seek support whenever needed. Please visit the Health, Safety & Wellbeing webpage for available support services鈥
Internal appeal on procedural groundsStudents who are excluded from their academic career due to unsatisfactory academic progression鈥
If as a student you consider the final published result of a course to be inappropriate or incorrect, you may appeal the outcome. Prior to your鈥
If you are a new student to the university coming from a language background other than English you may be able to apply for special assessment鈥
All ANU candidates are required to meet satisfactory academic progress. This means that they must meet the minimum academic performance requirements鈥
The University may make alternate provisions for undergraduate and graduate coursework students who are unable to attend a formal examination at the鈥
Examinations are conducted in accordance with the鈥疉ssessment Rule. The information below outlines what to expect during an examination, whether it be鈥
ANU coursework examinations are held throughout the year, culminating in a formal examination period at the end of each semester. The Examinations鈥
All ANU students within an undergraduate or postgraduate academic career are required to maintain satisfactory academic progression.鈥
All ANU students are required to meet satisfactory academic progress. This means that they must meet the minimum academic performance requirements as鈥
The University supports coursework students where extenuating circumstances have impacted their learning experience.Accepted grounds for an鈥
Students receive a GPA for their academic career.  Your GPA will be published on your academic transcript.Students who are enrolled in more than鈥
IMPORTANT UPDATE - Cipherise authentication From 30 November 2023 all users will be required to log in to ANU systems using their username and鈥
At ANU there are rules and guidelines that govern your responsibilities and requirements as a student. Some of these are specific to higher degree鈥
Notification of Intent to Submit and Nomination of Examiner process steps When the candidate completes their Notification of Intent to Submit,鈥
This page provides advice to Higher Degree Research Thesis Examiners. When the candidate submits their thesis for examination, it will be sent to the鈥
The assessment of Proctorio found the implementation of the system was consistent with the University's privacy policy and the Commonwealth Privacy鈥
This page provides advice to ANU staff about the Nomination of Examiner process for Higher Degree Research thesis submissions. For further鈥
Coursework results will be released by the Registrar, following approval of the Delegated Authority in the relevant Academic鈥
If you are studying remotely overseas, please make sure that you use the ANU Global Protect VPN when accessing any ANU systems for your examination.鈥
Milestone eForm via ISISANU research candidates are required to meet a number of progress milestones including an initial Annual Plan, completion of鈥
Special consideration is the process by which an examiner takes extenuating circumstances into consideration during the marking of an assessment item鈥
The University will endeavour to accommodate the special needs of students with a permanent or temporary disability, and students from language鈥
The ultimate milestone for any higher degree research (HDR) student is submitting the final thesis. The thesis is a significant piece of鈥
Supplementary examinations are available to students in certain circumstances under the provisions of the Assessment Rule. Students who will be鈥
In Australia the thesis is an extended written piece which reports on the results of a three to four year programme of research (in other countries鈥
Students may be entitled to an allowance for reimbursement of thesis production costs.Payments are made as reimbursement of the amount specified on鈥
This page outlines information relating to Thesis Access Restriction including types of Thesis Access Restriction and other related material. If you鈥
Timetabling refers to a number of processes that are involved with when and where classes and other activities will run. At ANU, we have two key鈥

Principal dates

Semester 1 ends
Reconciliation Day public holiday
Last day to drop Semester 1 courses with failure (receive WN grade)
Semester 1 examination period begins
King's Birthday public holiday
Semester 1 examination period ends
Results from Semester 1 published
Autumn Session ends
Recommended date for continuing students to enrol in Semester 2 courses
Winter Session begins