ANU Achievement Prize for Third Year Physics

There shall be a prize of $1,000 for award each year which shall be known as the ANU Achievement Prize for Third-Year Physics.

Offered by ANU College of Science


The ANU Achievement Prize for Third Year Physics is awarded to the student who, in that year was enrolled in a program leading to the award of a degree of Bachelor in the ANU College of Science; and achieved the best result as shown by the award of the highest aggregate mark in the top three courses with a PHYS3 prefix taken in that same academic year.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice

Jarrod Zammit
Simon Yung
Toby Joseph Hardcastle
James Gardner
Matthew John Blacker
Joseph Henry Quinn
Kay Song
Felicity Yuying Lee
Anthony Chi Hin Leung
Rebecca Davies

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