ANU College of Business & Economics Prize for First Year Economics

The prize shall be awarded each year to the student who, in that year was enrolled in a program leading to the award of a degree of Bachelor in the University; and achieved the best result as shown by the award of the highest aggregate mark in the courses Microeconomics 1 (ECON1101), and one of either Macroeconomics 1 (ECON1102), or Economics 1 Honours (ECON1100).

Offered by ANU College of Business & Economics


For students enrolled in Economics 1 Honours, only the Macroeconomics 1 component of their Economics 1 Honours course mark will be used for the purposes of award consideration.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Aden Andrew Wilmshurst
Chen Huan Liu
Elly Lee
Weining Song
Aaron Ellis-Bloor
Sandeep Seneviratne
Jade Lin
Anthony Ricci
Tianheng Zheng
Peter Ireland
Matthew Jacob
Chenyang Ye
Kang Jin Tan
Snigdha Prasad
Yao Yao Xiong
Stefan Douglas Webb (Inaugural award)

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