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Supporting ANU is an investment in Australia's future. Learn how donations have made a difference in the lives of gifted students and resulted in research that addresses global issues.

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12 May 2023

Message from the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

As a valued member of the donor and volunteer community at 天美传媒 National University (ANU), you are helping to provide greater access to鈥

16 Nov 2022

The Celebration of Giving returns

ANU donors and volunteers were recently welcomed back to campus to celebrate the impact of their giving. It was the first time the ANU Celebration of鈥

16 Nov 2022

ANU Springbank Circle Long Lunch returns

This October, ANU bequest donors and friends gathered for the annual ANU Springbank Circle Long Lunch, for the first time in three years. Professor鈥

07 Nov 2022

Alan Hodkinson: musician, innovator and benefactor

Canberra lost a musical trailblazer last year with the death of Alan Hodkinson, founder of Glo Audio - Canberra's first professional鈥

28 Oct 2022

A passion for law, made possible

Jonathan Tjandra has always been passionate about justice, owing to his family's escape from ethnic and religious conflict in Indonesia.  Having鈥

Scholarships & prizes
08 Jul 2022

Thank you for supporting our ANU community

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Staff Relief Fund. You epitomise what it means to be a compassionate and strong University community. 2020鈥

10 May 2022

Hope for new discoveries in haematology research

The late Kent Keith and his wife Marion formed a deep connection with the Australian National University (ANU), through the many friends and鈥

10 May 2022

A generous bequest allows a life鈥檚 work to continue

The late Tonia Shand AM was propelled by an interest in international relations and public service, and a feeling that these were areas where she鈥

04 May 2022

Facilitating a glimpse into ancient worlds

To anyone fascinated by the ancient world, the ANU Classics Museum is a treasure trove. From modest beginnings, the museum collection has grown鈥